Strategic skills. Relational skills. Cycling.

Talent has many forms; our challenges are often created & resolved by the  same strength.

We benefit from a safe space to down-load & design what matters most to us. A specific happiness arises when we move in a vector towards that.
Talent & SuperPowers
Communication Style
Creative Agency
What would thrill you to create in the next 90 days
or over the next year?

Lead by letting your talents lead.

Self-organize around your priorities.
Design transitions, no matter the constraints.
Calibrate your work/life rhythm.
Self-care no matter what else is on your plate.

My expertise: customized, practical actions
- based in your core talents, communication style
& sensibilities - you'll enjoy testing out at work,
home, in community.  Design your life.

Melt resistance, become concordant.
Bring confidence to pivotal conversations
or have conversations you only imagine.

Thrive illuminating  your professional/personal path.
Bask in clear direction
that feels right - just by being you.

When talent is fully realized
leadership is a natural state.
When you rise, your community rises.

If this wasn't enough
know you can bank on getting the results you're after.
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Talent & SuperPowers
Interpersonal Dynamics
360 Respectful Feedback
How does your team orchestrate its diverse talent,
communication styles & challenges? 

Discover proven ways to develop the potential & meet the reactivity naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

Uncover the teams' explicit & hidden talents.
Receive highly individualized ways to manage diverse strengths
from my forthcoming book. Thrive pivoting from useless
communication habits to generative ones.

Repair, restore or build trust.
Have conversations you only imagined.

Be guided through Live Exchange 360™
a trusted framework for giving & receiving respectful feedback -
even if conflict averse.
Glean learning from mess-ups & celebrate wins.

Honor introverts' great ideas & unique communication style
advocating & presenting for richer creative.

Create your greatest return by providing
talent the deep satisfaction of
making progress in their lives & work.

If this wasn't enough
know you can bank on getting the results you're after.
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