“Self management is the main elegance.”
                              - Emerson
-Mohammed Ali
            Learning by doing is at the heart of design.
A favorite path .
To understand design thinking you have to be pulled into the experience.
Play to your natural skills in tandem with others.
Create positive energy networks.
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Team Strengths & communication  
Discover best practices for the diverse talent on your team to align as they drive change. Gain granular awareness of what makes your team tick, followed by practical, step-by-step ways to apply your insight.

Thrive in an interactive, playbook of proven tools to unknot communication managing your strengths up, down or sideways. In high pressure, accelerated work environments learn productive ways to read a room, a conversation, a strategy as it unfolds to address the challenges naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

Have conversations you need to have or never thought possible. Change someone's mind  or contribute to their growth.

Give gifted "introverts" ways to advocate and present their great ideas honoring authentic voice. Experience a proven, respectful peer to peer 360 feedback system to clear the air, energize people and build, restore or repair trust.

Build "we are in this together" thinking, the back story of great results.

Module 1: Our Team Strengths         Module 2: Our Team Communication
Positive deviance Leadership: one to one coaching
Develop to your own liking.

It is my honor to coach a roster of private clients valuing the extraordinary difference strengths based inquiry makes at work, home and community.

Thrive in a deep dive of your natural gifts, then discover for yourself how leveraging them in daily life creates well-being and opportunity - for you and those around you. Engage in highly individualized practices you'll like taking as you see the positive outcomes.
Identify and self organize around your priorities. Practice better self-care. In competitive environments learn to listen to inner wisdom. Do you as a leader. When you rise your crew rises.

Dwell in confidence making the difference you intend. Get it done having fun.
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Individual, Duo & Team Sessions
Individual, Duet & Team Sessions
360 Feedback
Team Sessions
Reflection in Action
 One to One & Duet Coaching
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