“Self management is the main elegance.”
                              - Emerson
-Mohammed Ali
            Learning by doing is at the heart of design.
A favorite path .
No one knows a team's culture like the people in it.
While business requires speed catching your breathe
to upgrade how you communicate is a game changer.

There's no stopping a team in sync with each other.
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                                                     Personal Knowledge Systems at Work
tHE strengths HUB 
What makes the diverse talent on your team tick? 

Provide the talent within your very walls ways to design collaborations based on their unique strengths. Discover uncomplicated, granular ways to live into your unique potential.

Unknot the challenges managing up down or sideways. Have conversations you never thought possible with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Change someone's mind or invent a missing conversation. Contribute to someone's growth.

Thrive in a proven framework for respectful 360 feedback to create, restore or repair trust as you drive change. Create a peer coach system for vibrant team morale.

Give gifted "introverts" ways to advocate their great ideas honoring authentic voice.

Upgrade results and well-being. When you rise your crew rises.
EXecutive coaching
What's if you could design your life?

Create the work/life fit that serves you best. Curate your path. Incubate that great idea, project, way of being. 

Create breakthroughs where it matters most to you.

Test out your best self alongside others. Learn to leverage your unique strengths & communication style - quirks & all. Receive customized practices and uncomplicated strategies for everyday well-being. Develop a strengths based mindset.

Melt resistance. Self organize around your priorities. Practice replenishing self-care. Discover ways to unplug for resonant self-connection. Celebrate small - and grand -wins. Deepen confidence as a decision maker.

Do you as a leader. 
Be in touch for an informational phone chat - have questions answered and learn details of how strengths based inquiry eases creating the results more organically.

We meet at our light filled studio, on-site, on-line or by phone.
Individual, Duo & Team Sessions
Individual, Duet & Team Sessions
360 Feedback
Team Sessions
Reflection in Action
 One to One & Duet Coaching
If our integrity based approach sounds like it might make sense be in touch:                     e-mail or text to arrange an informational phone chat.

We'll answer any questions and share about how what we do                                      may facilitate what you are up to now and next.