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Vocabulary, insights & action to uptick creative agency.
1 respectful COMMUNICATion
Sometimes an insightful person in the room isn't speaking up. Or, however well intended, one voice dominates. Or, your speaking doesn't do justice to what an incredible listener you are. Or, you stumble expressing too many ideas at get the picture...the list is endless.


...your team shifting from a group of talented individuals to a culture of productive affinity. Imagine people having personalized ways to course correct action in the moment to bring out their best & the best in others, not once, but as a daily practice.

Our original method has proven itself with high achieving, future facing teams so you can bank on real world communication strategies managing up, down or sideways.  

Embody your understated, over the top &/or quirky communication style. Amidst the squabbles naturally arising when people of conviction work together know when to step up or step back given your unique conflict style.

Be guided through the LIVE EXCHANGE™ 360 a step-by-step feedback protocol for giving & receiving respectful feedback. Experience the freedom to practice new behaviors in collaboration to dial stressing yourself & those around you.

Provide talented introverts ways to share their great ideas & land messages honoring authentic voice as speakers & presenters. Have conversations you only imagined. Change someone's mind. Contribute to someone's growth.
2 TALENT Development
Individual/group genius
Talent development is the human side of change management.

Yet squandering talent is more common than you think. Like barking dogs, our unattended strengths cause stress to us & those around us until maximizing potential becomes routine.

Receive eye-opening understanding of whole team/individual patterns of behavior from my forthcoming book "The Qualitative Self".  Discover what makes your team tick: how you set direction, make decisions or face the challenges. Experience relief becoming a talent force. 

Rather than work against yourself (it happens often) learn granular ways to self-align.
Sounds paradoxical but our highly individualized practices provide group affinity. Learn integrity based ways to compliment diverse talents while remaining rooted in your own.

Uncover hidden talents you weren't aware of  - pro and con. Make well-being operational. Experience presence of mind & the power of vulnerability/courage.

At the heart of any group is one individual; when they rise the team rises.
Happy to chat & share how our service aligns with what you are up to.
Build on what already works in your culture.
3Executive COACHINg
self Possession.
creative agency.

Headed to your own True North?  What is your work/life fit?

Find relief actualizing the next phase of your potential - whether an experienced or emergent leader (or somewhere in between). Root in creative agency, no matter your line of work.

First, you’ll enjoy a sense of ease, knowing you have a strategic partner on the path to taking your professional/personal development to the next level.  Thrive in daily practices rooted in
your unique strengths - including quirks & vulnerabilities. Swap second guessing & resistance
for clarity & confidence as a decision maker.

Develop the capacity to meet challenges with resilience & poise. Take self care up a notch no matter what else is on your plate. Corny as it sounds become your own B.F.F.

To be perfectly honest, as an experienced coach, my wheelhouse is swiftly providing real world ways for you to direct your creative drive. I guide people to develop to their own liking.

Our work is future facing and results based: at the first session receive customized practices to test out between sessions. Return to celebrate victories & mess-ups putting sharpened skills to work. Cultivate personal brand thoughtfully.

We're serious but having fun. Am honored to say clients share this experience sustains them long into their future.
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