Lead yourself. Lead your team.

What's absorbing you now?
One meaning of "anthropos" or human being is "to look up".      

We think of E L L E V A T E  this way -
creating breathing room to self-align.
Work smarter.
Aligned with your standards.
Using authentic voice of leadership.
Basking a little.

Our invitation is to live into your vision
with intention. Create positive impact -
however you define it.

There's so much to get done.
Catalyze your best getting there.
We meet you where you are.


Personalized, future facing ways to align with your talents, dexterity & intentions.

Super practical. Surprisingly fun.


• What would thrill you to create over next 90 days? Live into it!

• Experience the freedom of breaking through procrastination

• Finesse a transition: a new position - the first 100 days, designing an exit plan or simply refining what you already love doing

• Strategies for difficult conversations or decisions - even if conflict adverse

• Giving & receiving respectful feedback for trust & clarity

• Discover strategies of persistence through the challenges

• Honor your authentic voice of leadership - & followship

•  Routine self care & rest - no matter how busy it gets

• The power of confidence managing up, down or sideways

2 TEAM CULTURE.Collaborative spirit & competitive edge.

Create your greatest return by providing people the deep satisfaction of making progress in their lives & work.

Catalyze what the team is great at & provide tools for the challenges naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

Celebrate the wins - grand & small.
Respectful communication is a business imperative.

                        REFLECT.  PRACTICE.  MASTER.
• Build a team culture of grit, affinity & grace

• Experience our proprietary 360 for giving & receiving honest feedback so it lands without eroding trust

• Learn to read a room for agility stepping up or back

• Discover uncomplicated ways to embed an ethos of equivalency & inclusivity

• Understand the impact of your team's superpowers on group affinity, decision making & your results

• Empower the diverse talent on your team. Uncover the impact of hidden strengths.

• Warm up your speaking, listening or presentation skills

• Relax away from pointless communication habits to support cross
functional collaboration

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