T H E   P A T H   F O R W A R D 
D I S C E R N   X  F A C T O R    L E A D E R S H I P

Working against yourself, your strengths or others is stressful.
Yet knowing your SuperPowers & harnessing them are two different beasts.

Pivot from a generic use of leadership to discern
how to design your path aligned with your x factor.

Learning the ropes of self-leadership provides direction organically.

Receive a customized step-by-step guide for conducive action
in alignment with your 5 Core SuperPowers at work & play.

Bring out your best & the best in others.

Individual Leadership Coaching

What would thrill you to create in next 90 days?

What energizes you? 
Where are you avoiding taking action?
Like to take more effective & fulfilling next steps but unclear how?

Receive a personalized guide for conducive action
in alignment with your strengths & intentions.

Reach out.
Workshops & Phased Engagements

Interpersonal dynamics are the backstory of great outcomes.

Receive Team/Individual Strength Profiles & a productive 360: 
discovering what makes your peers tick & gaining insight into their challenges builds empathy.

Give voice to a diversity of strengths for inclusion:
uncover when to step up or step back.

Catalyze what the team is gifted at & receive tools for the challenges naturally arising when people of conviction work against themselves, their strengths or each other as they advance a mission-in-common.

Create your greatest return by providing people the deep satisfaction of making progress in their lives & work.

Reach out.