Lead yourself.   Lead your team.

Flourish  creating specific, positive changes in professional/personal behavior that matter most to you -
in a fixed time frame.

There’s so much to get done.
Catalyze well being getting there.

Experienced or emergent leader -
we meet you where you are.

A design mindset

Where would you like to shine next?

In distracting times the idea of mastery matters.
Embed presence of mind.


• Teasing out an intention you’d be thrilled taking action on

• Career exploration, changes & development

• Starting a new position: the first 100 days

• Support making complex decisions

• Giving clear, honest feedback so it lands - & builds respect

• Enacting strategies of persistence & focus

• Introverted? Honoring authentic voice as speaker & presenter

• Refining your conflict style navigating difficult conversations

• Designing a transition with finesse

• Better self care no matter what else is on your plate

• Engaging in double loop learning: stop working against yourself

• Confidence managing up, down or sideways

2 FOR TEAM CULTURE.Collaborative spirit & competitive edge.

Create your greatest return by providing people the deep satisfaction of making progress in their lives & work.

Catalyze what they are great at & provide tools for the challenges naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

Celebrate the wins.

                        LEARN.  PRACTICE.  MASTER.
• Creating a team culture of grit, gravitas & generosity

• Being guided through our proprietary 360 for giving & receiving honest feedback: targeted for individualized, next level results for speaker & listener (not business as usual)

• Leadership intelligence: reading a room & knowing when to step up or back

• Valuing respectful communication as a 21st century business imperative; embedding an ethos of equivalency & inclusivity

• Discovering impact of whole team's core superpowers on group communication, decision making, morale & results

• Empowering diverse talents & uncovering the hidden strengths

• Developing personalized speaking, listening, presentation skills

• Relaxing away from out of date communication habits to support cross functional collaboration

• Designing the right conversations for greater impact:
decision making, delegating & effective requests  
Say hi.