“Self management is the main elegance.”
                              - Emerson
Strength based assessment.
We like to ask what's right about people.
-Mohammed Ali
A favorite path .
Our ethos: when you rise the team rises.
Discover an experiential playbook of uncomplicated strategies,
insightful prompts, intuitive tools, new vocabularies
& creative disruptions to bring out your best & the best in others.

Create a feeling of belonging among the diverse talent on your team.

Support partner & employee engagement through the different
phases of business growth. Intrinsic motivation matters
in recruiting, on-boarding & retaining people.
Identify & play to your talents. Live your values.

From effectiveness managing up, down or sideways to relaxed confidence
& clarity communicating with colleagues, clients & stakeholders to landing 
the message or presentation, from creating a pitch or business plan to
advocating your great ideas honoring authentic voice and building rapport.

Self-organize around your strengths, priorities and purpose.
group genius
Team Superpowers
 Developing Diverse Talent through Individual & Group Sessions
What makes your team tick? While it's helpful to know your strengths 
we take it further.

The good news: you don't have to morph into anything else. Instead
learn ways to anchor in your commanding, geeky, strategic or empathic strengths for credibility and relaxed confidence.

Teamwork soars when people easily identify moments they get in
their own way and have clear steps based on their unique strengths
(from my forthcoming book) to course correct in the present and on the fly .

Experience the relief of dialing back behaviors that no longer work.
Pivot to apply the upside of your unique strengths everyday.

High performing business teams are like music bands: everyone brings out
their unique best while sticking to the through-line of mission in common.
    Design Thinking as Effective Communication 
     Developing Relational Intelligence through Team Communication Sessions
    Everyday communication - nothing fancy - is at the heart of human centered design thinking. For higher order outcomes innovate conversations.

    Honor authentic voice as a communicator, presenter and collaborator managing up, down or sideways.

    Acquire agility stepping up or back as the conversation, project
    or unfolding strategy requires.

    Land your message. Advocate your great ideas just being yourself.

    Invite engagement from unspoken voices. Contribute to someone else's growth in collaborating.
    Change someone's mind. Have conversations you never thought possible. Invent new ones.
    • Create, restore or repair trust.
    • Calibrate when to step up/step back as an effective leader.
    • Provide talented “introverts” ways to share their great ideas, present 
      & interface with peers, colleagues and clients honoring authentic voice.
    • Learn to read a room to avoid potential communication detailers. 
      Meet conversational challenges as they arise.
    • Generate commitment to the larger vision while valuing small wins.
    • Change someone’s mind. Have conversations you never imagined possible.


    plus speaking
    360 Peer to Peer Feedback & Visioning
    Speaking & Listening: Define & Grow the Vision through Individual & Group Work
    Provide your team a structured feedback loop for the creative friction naturally arising when people of conviction work together.

    We’ve observed how the nature of any feedback system - or more often,
    its lack - predicts the quality of our results. Giving or receiving
    feedback is the essence of building great products and furthers well-being.

    Engage in a proven, peer to peer 360 protocol people take to because it provides clear steps for giving and receiving feedback respectfully.

    Yet reluctance to voice opinions in the presence of others or doing so ineffectively, holds the team back, has a negative impact on individual
    growth and quickly effects wider team morale.

    A pivotal skill of a leader is speaking her point of view out loud so it lands.

    Repair, restore or create trust advancing projects with tight timelines.
    Have clarity about actionable next steps after meetings.
    Build upon what already works in your organization.
    Executive Coaching
    Creative Agency: One to One Sessions for Experienced or Emergent Leaders
    Thrive in a highly individualized, content rich learning journey of business/personal strategies based in design thinking for rewarding action.

    Receive a personalized Strengths-in-Action Plan to test out in the real world.

    It is my honor to coach a private roster of diverse individuals living
    into their strengths, priorities & purpose, benefitting from clear direction
    in achieving the outcomes that matter most to them.

    Design your preferred future.
    1. Granular insight into your core strengths for immediate application.
    2. Knowing when, where & how to put your talent to practical use.
    3. Relaxed confidence as a speaker, presenter, advocate - quirks and all.
    4. Learn to navigate, delegate or delete situations that don't bring out your best.
    5. In your busy life practice self-care.
    6. Composure & resilience shifting from vision to action to iteration.
    There are two ways we can work together: either as part of ELLEVATE’s 
    deliverables for your organization (i.e. executive or employee coaching) 
    - or simply one to one coaching independent of an organization.

    Happy to have an informational phone chat to answer any questions you may
    have and share about which coach package option best serves your intentions -
    in keeping with your calendar.
    If our integrity based approach sounds like it might make sense be in touch:                     e-mail or text to arrange an informational phone chat.

    We'll answer any questions and share about how what we do                                      may facilitate what you are up to now and next.